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Investing in photography is not just about getting a collection of pictures—it's about preserving your life's most precious moments in stunning detail for years to come. On my Investment page, you'll find a transparent breakdown of package options tailored to suit various needs and occasions. Whether it's capturing the whimsy of your family's everyday joy, the milestone of a graduation, or the intimate bond of an engagement, each package is designed to ensure that you receive a personalized experience and images that you'll treasure as timeless keepsakes.

 Here, you'll find carefully curated photography packages that balance quality and affordability, ensuring that you can secure the session that aligns with your vision and budget. From capturing the spontaneous laughter of a family gathering to the tender touches in a couple's session, each offering is crafted to accommodate your needs while delivering an experience and end product that exceeds expectations. As you navigate the Investment page, know that my goal is to provide not just images, but a doorway back to those irreplaceable times, wrapped in the warmth of genuine storytelling.

Love is the closest thing we have to magic, and every captured moment is a spellbound memory written in the light

travel wedding + elopement photographer

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Navigating through life's journey, we encounter moments that brim with emotion, eclipsing the ordinary with their vibrancy and warmth. These instances are fleeting, yet they hold the power to define our personal narratives. Understanding their value, my photographic packages are designed to capture the essence of these times, providing a palpable connection to your memories. Whether it's the exuberance of a wedding day, the laughter of a family reunion, or the quiet introspection of a personal portrait, there's a package crafted to encapsulate these experiences through my artistic vision.

With a keen eye for detail and a heart tuned to the subtle nuances of human connection, each package offers a unique way to freeze these moments in their purest form. My offerings range from short, sweet sessions perfect for updating family albums, to extensive coverage intended to document your events comprehensively. Your investment secures not just a skilled photographer but a dedicated partner in storytelling, who will work with you to ensure that the final images are as meaningful and personal as the moments they represent. I invite you to explore the various packages on this website, each thoughtfully created to meet diverse needs while upholding a standard of excellence and creativity that will stand the test of time.

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Preserving each joyful tear, loving glance, and dance floor twirl, my wedding photography captures the narrative of your special day in timeless, emotion-filled images.

florida weddings

out of state  weddings

Investment begins at $3,500

Investment begins at $4,500

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*for 8 hours*

*for 8 hours*


From candid kitchen dances to serene morning routines, my lifestyle photography artfully documents the beauty of your everyday life in its most authentic and vibrant form.

Families, Maternity & more


Investment begins at $350

Investment begins at $300

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Couples & Engagements

Celebrate your unique bond through the lens as I craft intimate and heartfelt images that tell the story of your love with every tender touch and shared laugh.

Investment begins at $350

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Elevate your brand's visual identity with polished, professional photography that encapsulates the essence of your business and connects with your audience.

Investment begins at $300

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Embrace your sensuality and confidence in a safe and empowering space where my boudoir photography delicately highlights the elegance and strength of your body and spirit.

Investment begins at $500

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All images are delivered through an online gallery that is easy to use & navigate! With the online gallery, you'll be able to easily download your favorite images & share these memories with family & friends.

How will my images be delivered?

My turnaround time for Weddings is 4-8 weeks. My turnaround time for all other sessions is 2-3 weeks.


In order to be fully booked, your deposit must be paid & your contract must be signed.

What steps do I need to take in order to be booked?

Yes! Weddings are broken up into three payments. All other sessions are broken up into two payments.

Do you offer a payment plan?


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step one inquire

You’re excited & you want to inquire about your dream session! Here you’ll give all the details about your session through my contact form! You’ll list your desired date, tell me about the vision for your session, details about yourself & more! These details will help me get to know you! They will also help me guide you in choosing the package that best suits your needs!


After you’ve inquired, & I’ve confirmed your date is available, I’ll send over my investment guide!  My investment guide is there to break down all the various packages I have for the session type you’ve inquired about.  Here is where we will work on finding the package that best suits your needs! All of my packages can be customized to suit your specific needs. 

step three SECURE YOUR DATE!

Now that we’ve found the package that best suits your needs, it’s time to secure your date! 
For all sessions, your date will be secured for 48 hours until you have submitted your signed contract & your deposit. Once that’s completed, your date is officially booked!

step four planning

Now the fun begins! It’s time to plan your perfect session! This is where we talk all of the details from location(s) to outfits & more!
Don’t worry though, I’ll be here through the whole thing to help plan. You’ll get sessions guides, questionnaires & all the help you can get to make sure your session goes smoothly. 

step five session day

We’ve planned your perfect session, now it’s time for the session to come to life! Like the planning process, I am here to make you feel as comfortable as possible & make this process smooth.  It’s my goal as your photographer to ensure you’re comfortable & at ease. 
Don’t worry about any poses, I prefer the candid, real moments & everything in between!

step six delivery

This is one of my favorite days!! This is where you get to see your session results & all of the beautifully curated images from that day.  You’ll recieve your images in an online gallery, which gives you the opportunity to easily share your photos with family + friends. 
You’ll be able to digitally download these high resolution photos & have the option to purchase prints, canvases, etc through your gallery!